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Is Anyone Listening?
Is Anyone Listening?
June 30th, 2012
For more than a decade, the media has been glutted with direct-to-consumer advertising for prescription drugs.  Increasingly, pharmaceutical companies have been required to include information on the side effects of their drugs, a minimal concession to truth in advertising.  But is anyone listening to these lists of  dangerous, damaging or even life-threatening effects?  Announcers quickly read off a list of these effects th
June 15th, 2012
Your body is made up of billions of cells.  These cells are organized as all kinds of different tissues and further organized as organs.  A group of organs that works together is called a system (such as the digestive system).  When all your systems work in a harmonious, coordinated fashion they create a healthy living you.The center of all this is a delicate balance between your brain and nervous system.  Your brain communi
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