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The Problem of Radiating Pain
The Problem of Radiating Pain
August 27th, 2013
Many people experience radiating pain as a component of neck pain or low back pain. A person with neck pain might have pain that radiates down her arm, possibly into the hand.1 A person with low back pain might have accompanying leg pain, possibly traveling into the foot. Such arm/hand pain or leg/foot pain can represent a serious underlying health problem. However, not all types of radiating pain are of equal importance. The key is to b
August 5th, 2013
Life is defined by breath: you take your first breath when you are born and your last breath the moment you die.  The breath builds and repairs the structure of the physical body, and it maintains a balance between building material and the waste matter that cannot otherwise be removed. When your physical body has been stressed and you feel fatigue, by inhaling a deep breath through the nostrils, holding it for a number of se
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