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Sprains & Strains
Sprains & Strains
July 14th, 2015
Introduction Sprains and strains are usually minor injuries that are often occur during sports, exercise, or other physical activity. A sprain is an injury to a ligament, the tissue that links bones together at joints. Sprains happen most often in the ankle, knee, elbow, or wrist. Strains are tears in muscle tissue. They happen most often in the muscles that support the calf, thigh, groin, and shoulder. Sometimes sprains and s
Chiropractic Care and Muscle Spasm
Chiropractic Care and Muscle Spasm
July 7th, 2015
A back spasm is an abnormal contraction of the muscle that continues and does not relax. According to the Patient Education Institute, a library of interactive patient education used by hospitals and physicians, back spasms are the most common cause of back pain reported to doctors. Treatment should start as soon as possible after the injury or pain has started and should address any underlying conditions that are contributing to back s
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