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How often do I need to be adjusted?

January 17th, 2018
How often do I need to be adjusted?

Often patients will ask how frequently they need to be adjusted. I always answer it is their choice depending on their needs, wants and goals. I break down chiropractic treatment into 5 categories. The following are my guidelines to make that determination of which care plan is best for you.


Relief Care

Getting rid of pain and symptoms but not necessarily correcting the problem.                                                     

3 to 10 visits


Depending on the specifics of the injury, relief care will reintroduce proper movement to the joints eliminating symptoms but not necessarily correcting the cause, nor fixing the underlying problem and not preventing degeneration.


Corrective Care

Breaking up scar tissue in the joints and surrounding tissues, which includes muscles, tendons and ligaments.  Ridding the joint of inflammation and remodeling the tissues to restore a healthy joint.                                     

15 to 40 visits over a 10 to 16 week period.


Required after a significant trauma, injury, accident or sprain/strain.


Maintenance Care

Maintaining your level of joint health at its current state, but not necessarily improving it. Minimizing pain and symptoms.                            One visit every 3 to 6 weeks.


The frequency of maintenance care is different for everyone depending on many factors including age, nutrition and overall body health.  Symptoms or at least severity of symptoms can be adverted; however, degeneration may still occur.


Preventive Care

Preventing degeneration of joints by controlling and minimizing inflammation in the joints.                          

One visit every 2 weeks.


Inflammation manifests in a joint after being subluxated for 24 to 48 hours.  If that subluxation is not corrected within 2 weeks, the chemistry of the inflammatory process starts to cause degeneration of the joint, leading to degenerative joint disease and arthritis.


Wellness Care

Creating better overall body health.  Training your nervous system to function optimally. Taking you to a new level of health that you have never been, or not been to for a great while.                                                         One visit every 2 weeks, dietary changes and exercises.

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