The most prevalent reason for spinal conditions resulting in nervous system problems is chronic sitting.  Today people, young and old, sit too much.  Whether it is sitting at work, at school, lounging on the couch, in front of the computer, or using some hand held electronic device there is too much sitting happening.  This can cause hip joint problems, poor posture, digestive issues, arthritis, a weak core and pain in the back, neck and generally in the joints.  And remember, when there is pain there is usually nerve damage and neurological problems that you are unaware of.  Stand up and move more.

Another common reason is that we walk on flat hard surfaces all the time.  We have made our lives convenient by creating flat surfaces like side walks, parking lots, hard concrete floors in most work settings.  Our feet with 26 individual bones were designed to walk over uneven surfaces, and when the neuro-receptors in the feet do not get the stimulation that is required, degenerative processes ensue, not only in the feet, but also in the spine. Additionally, shoes that are too supportive or too cushioned also inhibit proper motion, causing many whole body structural problems.  Come in and see how we can help.