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VM, Williamsville, NY
My Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms that I have been experiencing for a couple months have been totally eliminated after only one adjustment in your office. I am amazed at how chiropractic works to help a problem like this. However it works, what really matters is that I am symptom free. Thank you!

Bob, Buffalo, NY
I was always scared to death of chiropractors. For years I would avoid them because I thought they were all quacks due to one minor run-in with a chiropractor at a race, of all places. For the better part of the past year and a half I had an issue with my Achilles tendon, or so I thought. After trying all kinds of stuff to help it, I finally took a shot at visiting a chiropractor to see if I had some issue that might be making me susceptible to Achilles problems. Turns out I had nothing at all wrong with my Achilles. Instead it was my hip that was out and it caused an imbalance that manifested itself at my Achilles. This probably happened from that MMA stuff I was doing. Thanks to Dr. Jim Schaffstall I now run pain free and happy.

Catherine, Pittsburgh, PA
My fourteen year old daughter sustained a concussion in November 2010 and has been dogged by constant chronic, severe migraines since. We have seen concussion specialists here in Pittsburgh twice weekly since impact and, sadly, no amount of their careful medical or chemical intervention has helped.

We heard about Dr. Schaffstall through a family member, came into town and scheduled a few visits. Within five consecutive treatments, Dr. Schaffstall eradicated the headache completely!! We are now working to sustain her healthy head with the help of a local chiropractor and Dr. Schaffstall’s instruction. We truly cannot thank you enough, Dr. Schaffstall!

Sandra, North Tonawanda, NY
After years of suffering from headaches and pain from my herniated discs, Dr. Schaffstall has helped me tremendously. I have never met a doctor so knowledgeable. He knows his stuff and he really cares. He takes the time to listen, absorb what you have to say. He gets to know each of his patients as individuals. He never rushes through your time with him. I like that. When I walk into Dr. Schaffstall’s office with any type of pain, I can rest assure he will alleviate it for me. Great Chiropractor. Would recommend him highly. Thank you Dr. Schaffstall!

Dennis, Buffalo, NY
When a sciatic issue had aggravated to the point that I was no longer able to even sit quietly without monstrous pain, a friend told me about Dr. Schaffstall. As an issue like this would take several weeks or months to resolve, the only instant comfort that I had had was in the doctor’s candor, professionalism, and friendliness.

Over the next several months, thanks to his continued efforts and excellent advice, my problem slowly reversed its course. Dr. Schaffstall set no false expectations with me, recommended specific exercise to help resolve the problem further, and made no attempt to sell me any unnecessary gimmicks.

I am very pleased to say that after a year, I have not experienced any issues related to that problem in the slightest. I am just as active and able now as I was before the pain had incapacitated me. I look back on the time of my affliction and thank goodness for the excellent care of Dr. Schaffstall. I continue to highly recommend him to my friends.

Joann, Amherst, NY
FOOT PAIN–you don’t usually think of going to a chiropractor, but to anyone who ever experienced plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, and Achilles tendonitis will tell you, they have probably tried everyone else. Well, unfortunately I did too for a very long 2 and a half years. After countless office visits, x-rays, Dopplers, and painful steroid injections I was almost out of hope. I was told I had permanent nerve damage, arthritis, and sciatica, and that I had to live with a certain amount of pain, and also that I could never walk barefoot again. I couldn’t take a step without searing pain. I was even told to just stop thinking about it so much. Thank God, through my journey I was exposed to ART–a relatively new technique that involves deep soft tissue manipulation that basically breaks down the scar tissue, frees up the tight muscles, and actually heals the tendons. This led me to the dedicated Dr. Schaffstall who; because of his professionalism, knowledge, and own experience with this type of pain, has made me virtually pain free within 2 months. I am walking barefoot inside and outside. Oh, and by the way, at 51 years old I came to expect the pain in my neck and back to always be there just because I was getting old. Well THAT’S GONE TOO! because Dr. Schaffstall literally treats you from head to toe.

Richard, Buffalo, NY
Dear Dr. Schaffstall,

My fianc (Eulaine Ball) and I would like to take a moment to acknowledge your abilities in chiropractic and wellness care. After about two years of pain and several unsuccessful attempts to free Eulaine’s frozen shoulder (through medication, cortisone injections and physical therapy), surgery or living with pain and decreased mobility appeared to be her only remaining options. Because Eulaine is diabetic and thus prone to infection, we were not comfortable with surgery as an option (neither was Eulaine’s endocrinologist). My sister (Sally) had experienced an almost identical scenario after an automobile accident several years ago. Sally urged us to explore the option of Applied Kinesiology . Her explanation of Applied Kinesiology in a nutshell was a chiropractic approach to wellness through patient research and several combined eclectic healing approaches. This sounded like a plan. When you first consulted us several months ago, you thoroughly reviewed Eulaine’s prior treatments and x-rays while explaining the course of action we would pursue. You immediately began a treatment regimen for Eulaine that was intensive yet gentle and effective and eventually restored her shoulder s mobility from 50% back to nearly 100%. It has become clear to us over the months that you dedicate yourself to your patients care and their continuous improvement. We can t begin to thank you enough for restoring the quality of life for both of us and the successful treatment that you provided.


Richard Mechlinski
Eulaine Ball

S.C., Amherst, NY
After years of frequent bedwetting, my son began to see Dr. Schaffstall for treatment. The result has been remarkable! He went from wetting 5 times or more a week to being dry for weeks at a time. He enjoys his treatments and his self esteem has improved. He now fearlessly has sleepovers and camp outs with his friends.

Linda, Lockport, NY
My knee doesn’t hurt!!!! It’s a miracle. I’ve gone up and down the stairs all morning like a grownup and not one step at a time like a little kid and there is no pain in my knee!!!!! It may be too soon to say this, but for today it is wonderful. It changes my whole outlook on life. I can’t wait to try my exercises this morning. Can you imagine what it will be like not to hurt getting down and up from the floor, to be able to do my exercises and not grit my teeth?? I might even not hate these routines someday. First Jared helps my miserable groin pull and now I have no knee pain. What next?? I can’t wait to find out. Thank you. I must admit I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of going to Williamsville one more time because I like my chiropractor here. Dr. Schaffstall is not your average chiropractor.

Matt, Akron, NY
I have been seeing Dr. Schaffstall for approximately three months. When I first stepped into his office, I was amazed with the d├ęcor and professional atmosphere. With my history of back pain and muscular problems, I was skeptical as to any possible improvements he could make. I’ve been to multiple chiropractors, massage therapy professionals, and personal trainers. His first approach to helping me was the amount of time he spent listening and considering my problem as being unique and worth adequate research. Within about a month I started to feel results. He is humble about his abilities but is a phenomenal doctor. I believe that in due time I will be completely healed of my back and neck pain. Thank you Dr. Schaffstall for taking the time to not just listen but to implement your wisdom in the healing of my body.

John, Orchard Park, NY
After over 10 years of suffering with foot pain and having been given surgery as the only viable option, Dr. Schaffstall’s use of innovative new chiropractic techniques has allowed me to again pursue athletics without pain.

Debi, Cheektowaga, NY
I have gone to many other chiropractors who just “crack” your back. Dr. Schaffstall, however, believes in whole body wellness. He has helped relieve my pain not only through regular chiropractic care but with other muscle therapies and techniques that I have not experienced in the past. Thanks to Dr. Schaffstall I have an educated outlook on the benefits of chiropractic treatment and recommend him highly.