Do you feel healthy?  Do you have any symptoms? Health is not based on a lack of symptoms or how you are feeling, but rather, health is based on a properly functioning body.

Diseases are commonly defined by a list of symptoms.  If you have A, B, and C then you have X, while if you have A, C and D then you have Y.  Diseases are not tangible objects or structures in your body, they are not really something you have, but are a list of symptoms that you have due to something mal-functioning in your body.  Symptoms are the results of malfunctions.

Most diseases start with inflammation somewhere in your body. The true cause of your body mal-functioning is either a lack (deficiency) of something or too much (toxicity) of something else.  Deficiencies could be nutritional, not enough hydration or exercise, or not enough sleep for your body to repair itself, just to list a couple.  Toxicity could be due to diet, exposure to chemicals (liquid or air bourn) from household or work products and environmental pollution including air, light, electromagnetic frequencies and sound.  A healthy body with a properly working immune system should be able to resist some of these causes, but when we are overloaded, our body breaks down.

Some simple ways to assess your health is to look at the following:

  • the condition of your finger nails: should be smooth, uniform and not brittle
  •  the condition of your hair: not dried out, not prematurely loosing it
  • the color, clarity and brightness of your eyes
  • the condition of your skin: soft, smooth, moist and clear
  • the color and texture of your tongue
  • body weight over by more than 10% of your ideal body weight

The finger nails and hair can indicate nutritional deficiencies.  The study of Iridology (eyes) can diagnose health problems.  Your skin is one of your largest detoxification systems in your body and rashes are often from internal toxins moving to the surface and leaving your body.  Chinese and Eastern medicine routinely examine the tongue to diagnose health concerns.  An extra 10-20 pounds of body weight puts an unhealthy stress on your frame and physiological systems.