Fibromyalgia disables muscles and muscular tissue fibers.  Those who suffer from this epidemic are in constant pain, sleep poorly, feel fatigued and become depressed.  So far, little relief or treatment is available, but there is good news – Chiropractic adjustments are helping to reduce the symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

John C. Lowe, M.A., D.C. in Houston, Texas recently concluded a year-long study supporting Chiropractic care as a proper and effective treatment for Fibromyalgia.  He found repetitive adjustments reduce muscle inflammation and reduce pain.  His report is timely, as support for chiropractic treatment is growing.

Rheumatologist Dr. Frederick Wolfe, a well-known investigator of Fibromyalgia, clinical professor, University of Kansas School of Medicine, pointed out Chiropractic does help.  Wolfe and his colleagues, recently completed a study showing Chiropractic among the most effective Firbromyalgia treatments. 

Dr. Bernard Rubin conducted a study at the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine.  He studied the effects of spinal adjustment, drugs and placebos on Fibromyalgia patients.  One group received only placebos, the second only adjustment, the third were given drugs and the fourth, drugs with adjustment.  Results showed spinal adjustments improved the patients most, giving them a better sense of wellbeing.