A back spasm is an abnormal contraction of the muscle that continues and does not relax. According to the Patient Education Institute, a library of interactive patient education used by hospitals and physicians, back spasms are the most common cause of back pain reported to doctors. Treatment should start as soon as possible after the injury or pain has started and should address any underlying conditions that are contributing to back spasms. These conditions may include obesity, posture, recreational activities and standing and sleeping positions.


Rest, ice, heat and compression are the first line of conservative treatment anytime an individual suffers back pain and spasms. The Spine Universe recommends the use of alternating heat and cold to reduce the inflammation, muscle spasms and pain. After the first 24 hours of treatment, some patients find heat comforting and others find ice works best.

Chiropractic is a branch of medicine that is based on healthy alignment of the spine. According to the Spine Universe, chiropractors also believe one of the main causes of pain is the misalignment of the vertebrae in the spine. They use techniques that include palpation, pressure, massage, manual manipulation of the spine, exercise programs and lifestyle counseling. These techniques are used to reduce inflammation, swelling and pain.

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