Breathing is one of the most essential tasks we carry out everyday without even thinking. Until now, when we stop and focus on our breathing, we find that we can use it in positive ways to help achieve a goal. The premeditated breathing practices help them through labor and delivery without the need for drugs or epidurals. Or think about meditative and martial arts breathing which can release great amounts of stress or produce immense power. Correct breathing techniques are definitely rooted in these philosophies.

Vocalists certainly know the importance of breathing the right way to belt out a tune, but what you can say about the daily breathing techniques for general health? A lot of investigate studies have revealed that chiropractic care is advantageous and that it is more cost effective in the treatment of low back pain and other common musculoskeletal conditions than traditional Western medicine is. Chiropractic also minimizes health care costs by focusing on hindrance, as well as on treatment.

Chiropractors and the Doctors of Chiropractic, frequently treat patients suffering from chronic pain and dysfunction which have connected indications of breathing trouble. The factor to be noticed is one of the first signs that many chiropractors see in patients with chronic back or neck pain is poor breathing. Poor breathing and poor posture can cause or contribute to chronic back and neck pain. Poor breathing is thin and uses only the chest and not the diaphragm, the deep muscle down in the abdomen.

This not only restricts your oxygen intake but also puts added stress on the smaller muscles in your upper body to do the job of what the diaphragm should be doing. Think of the muscles your traps or anterior neck muscles, these muscles in your neckline and shoulders then becomes strained and tired, as they are not intended to do daily breathing, contribute to an ongoing cycle of poor posture and chronic pain.

So how will you breathe properly? To breathe properly you use your diaphragm, the large muscle between your lungs and abdomen. Here is a fundamental test to establish if you are breathing correctly. Lie on your back on the floor or on your bed. Put one hand on your chest and one hand over your stomach. Take a deep breath. Did your stomach move out? If so, then it’s fine. You are using your diaphragm for regular deep breaths. If your stomach went in, this means that you are using mainly the “helper muscles” in your upper body to breathe.

Lay the burden on the helper muscles add to your risk for muscle fatigue, rigidity, and pain. Chronic poor breathing can cause your body’s core (abdomen, back, and hips) to become disturbed. As soon as this happens, other health issues can follow (back pain, digestive problems, infertility, tension, headaches, and more). Studies have continually shown that individuals who seek the care of a chiropractor on a regular basis are healthier and, generally, spend less on health care than those who do not.