Wide spread pain, often referred to as Fibromyalgia, is characterized by physical findings of local tenderness in many specific but widely dispersed sites. Most patients with Fibromyalgia remain symptomatic for several years, with no known cure yet identified.  A study was executed to find out if Chiropractic could alleviate some of the chronic pain of this condition.
Fifteen patients each received 30 Chiropractic treatments consisting of a variety of techniques.  The results of this course of treatment were a significant reduction in pain and improvement in quality of sleep and fatigue levels in nine of the subjects.
These improvements were maintained after one month without treatment.  The subjects that did not respond to care tended to have more severe symptoms.
In our office, we have treated many patients with Fibromyalgia and chronic pain with great results.  Most have their pain symptoms virtually eliminated, while the remaining patients’ conditions have been controlled by periodic Chiropractic treatment.