Cleansing is an ancient practice of detoxifying the body.  However, in today’s complex environment cleansing is even more relevant.  The first objective would be to remove or avoid our exposure to harmful chemicals when possible, but that is not always simple.  There are chemicals in our food, water, air, on our lawns, in makeup, toiletries, body lotions, sun screen, household cleaners, and pharmaceuticals not to mention chemicals you may be exposed to at work.  For this reason it is important to choose products made from non-hazardous ingredients.

Your liver and kidneys are your body’s natural filters for blood and urine.  Additionally, your lungs cleanse and re-oxygenate your blood with every breath, thus emphasizing the importance of proper and deep breathing.  Another detoxing organ is your skin.  Toxins from within are released through the skin unless pores are blocked.  Often rashes are an indication that your body is purging itself of a poison or your body is reacting to a toxin that is being absorbed through the skin.  What you put on your skin eventually gets absorbed into your blood stream and can slowly poison you if it contains toxins.  Any substance that you would not put into your mouth should be considered before putting onto your skin including makeup, lotions and sun screen.

There are many types of cleanses, the three most popular being a colon cleanse, a liver cleanse and a heavy metal detoxification.  Each serves a specific purpose depending on your health, diet and exposures.  Due to today’s toxic environment most people should cleanse at least twice a year and more often if more toxic.  Cleansing can improve body and mind function, improve your immune system and can significantly affect the way you feel.

In chiropractic terms, people who do not “hold” their adjustment well, or who are constantly out of spinal alignment for no reason, are usually toxic and can benefit from a cleanse.