Two major joints of the body are the sacroiliac joints lying where the vertebral column meets the pelvis.  The function of these joints is to support the weight of the vertebral column and transmit motion between the spine/pelvis and the lower extremities.

When the area is in proper alignment and working smoothly during walking, the limited amount of movement generated actually provides some shock absorbing action for the body.  However, when alignment problems begin to occur in the area, a discrepancy in leg length is frequency the noted.

Low back pain may be the first clue to a chiropractor to check for dysfunction. It is common for the source of the pain to be the person’s foot, especially in the case of an aging adult.  A common cause of the unleveling of the pelvic area is the loss of motion and function of the foot due to tarsal bone joint restriction.  Restrictions of the foot bones occur so gradually, that there is usually no foot pain.

Once the restrictions are discovered, a chiropractor may begin corrective procedures by adjusting the foot and pelvis.  This alone may put the patient on the road to recovery as this corrects the anatomical dysfunction and diminishes the unwanted force that is being transmitted to the sacroiliac joints (pelvis) with each uneven step the person takes.