Electromagnetic stress is not all bad.  That from the sun, in healthy doses, (helps you produce vitamin D) and the electromagnetic field of the earth helps control the rhythm of our hormones, our mood, and other physiological functions.

Harmful electromagnetic exposure includes over-exposure to the sun, x-rays, and extremely low frequency pollution from computers, cell phones, microwave ovens, electric clocks, electric motors, heated car seats, TV and entertainment equipment, and electric blankets.  Living near high voltage power lines and even electrical circuits in your walls can contribute to the electromagnetic pollution which can disrupt natural sleep/wake cycles and cause dysfunction of your hormonal and autonomic nervous system.

There are four major health concerns regarding electromagnetic pollution:

1.      The effects on the immune system. A reduction in the ability of the circulating white blood cells to kill tumor cells. This has been shown in cell culture work and partially corroborated in animal studies.

2.      Effects on fetal development including fetal abnormalities. Epidemiological work has also shown that miscarriages may be linked to electric blanket use and some electrical home heating.

3.      The area of the control and regulation of cell growth, including tumor formation.

4.      The effects on the central nervous system and the brain in ways which affect very powerful hormonal mechanisms, which in turn have connections to cancer and cancer-related problems.

The following are actions you can take to minimize your exposure:

·         Move furniture, particularly the bed and seating arrangements, away from areas of high electrical fields.

·         Do not carry your phone or hand held electronics in your pockets, especially your pants pockets.  Put them in your purse, briefcase, and/or set them down away from you.

·         If you use a microwave oven, do not stand near it when it is in use.

·         Laptop computers should not be used directly on your lap, especially if you are in the reproductive years.

·         Avoid using heated car seats and electric blankets.

·         Avoid the use of electrically operated adjustable beds and furniture, as these give off strong magnetic fields.

·         Electrical clocks, clock radios, phones and other electronic devices should be more than one meter from your body while sleeping and baby monitors should also be placed more than one meter in distance from the infant, or unplugged and not used when not necessary.

·         Entertainment equipment, computers and TVs are of course a major source of electrical fields. It is a good idea to sit as far away as possible from the monitor and computer tower and use a device to neutralize the electrical fields.