The human body was designed to be physical and active.  Not only is exercise important for health, it is necessary for life.  Movement is life.

Most people’s lives revolve around sedentary activities whether we are talking about work (desk jobs) or leisure (watching TV or sports).  Also, due to being sedentary, we de-condition our core muscles (spinal/structural muscles) and create an environment for poor posture.  Because of this lifestyle, we must plan for condensed workouts or activities instead of being naturally active throughout the day.

The most widely accepted and sought after benefit of exercise is weight loss.  Obesity is the number one general health problem today, and just being over-weight by 10 or 20 pounds can have serious health problems, some that go undetected for years or decades.

A weak core and improper posture can contribute to bio-mechanical and over-use injuries.  Additionally, poor bio-mechanics lead to nervous system interference causing a whole host of functional problems.

Three types of exercises are cardio, resistance training and functional exercise.  Cardio increases your heart rate and breathing for a sustained period of time focusing on heart and respiratory health.  Weight loss can also be a benefit.  Cardio includes walking, running and using any of many types of gym equipment like the treadmill, elliptical, stair-stepper and spinning bike.  Walking or running outdoors, without music, taking in the scenery, will produce the most healthful results.  For the beginner, great benefit can be achieved by just walking briskly for 35 minutes.  Cardio should be performed for a minimum of 35 minutes for optimal effect and a longer lasting increase in metabolism.

Resistance training involves lifting weights or using some gym equipment to achieve the same.  It is not necessary to lift heavy weights and doing so can cause injury.  The benefit of this type of exercise is to increase muscle strength and bone strength.  Resistance training and a proper diet is the best way to prevent osteoporosis.

Functional exercise trains your body to move properly and improve your posture.  Functional training can be done with minimal equipment and can incorporate cardio and resistance training with agility, balance and natural motions.  Consult a personal trainer for proper form and optimal results.

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