A healthy human body is maintained through regulation of many bodily systems by balancing hormones.  Hormones are naturally produced by the body based on natural processes and needs.  When these hormones are out of balance physiologic systems malfunction.

There is a concern when hormones are used in raising livestock for the meat that we eat.  This includes the commercial farming of beef, pork, lamb, poultry and others.  Forms of growth hormone and estrogen are commonly used.  In studies, cows treated with some of these hormones were getting sick, gave birth to cows with genetic deformities, and some cows got cancer.

Antibiotics are often used in raising livestock for commercial meat producers.  Many factory farmed animals are raised in giant barns and never see the light of day.  They are fed a constant supply of antibiotics to keep them alive, as they literally live their entire lives in cramped and filthy confines.  These animals are not the picture of health, but are butchered and sold to us as “healthy” food.

There is concern that these health problems of the livestock can be passed on to the consumer of the meats.  The antibiotics may be passed through to us as we eat the meat.  This adds to reduced sensitivity to antibiotics and digestive issues by reducing the effectiveness of our natural intestinal flora.  Unnatural consumption of hormones in these meats containing hormones is thought to lower the age that girls go through puberty by up to three years and increase the age for that of boys by six months.  Increased infertility issues may also be related.  New information relates common prostate issues for men to hormones in our food.

It is best to buy meats, dairy products and poultry that have no antibiotics, no hormones, and the animal should be fed 100% organic feed, or grass fed.