For more than a decade, the media has been glutted with direct-to-consumer advertising for prescription drugs.  Increasingly, pharmaceutical companies have been required to include information on the side effects of their drugs, a minimal concession to truth in advertising. But is anyone listening to these lists of dangerous, damaging or even life-threatening effects? Announcers quickly read off a list of these effects that would make any mother cringe.  The real story behind some of these effects in only hinted at. It seems to be up to the consumer to take the hint… or not.

Look at the effects that follow. Would anyone in their right mind risk these side effects unless their lives depended on it? Most of these drugs are not intended for the treatment of life-threatening illnesses.

Some of the side effects of the most advertised medications are decrease or loss of vision or hearing, serious skin reactions, stomach and intestinal bleeding and ulcers, stroke, severe liver reactions, perforated intestines, kidney injury, hypertension and sudden death.

In short, the safest way to achieve health is by living a healthy lifestyle that supports good immunity and overall health, rather than depending on drugs that may one day be shown to be killers. Chiropractic can boost your immune system.  Learn more about a chiropractic lifestyle for healthy living. Choose chiropractic for natural healthcare.