People who think that Chiropractic care is only about adjusting the musculoskeletal system might be in for a bit of a surprise.  According to a world wide survey of Chiropractic clients, more than 40 percent of clients visits were initiated for the purposes of health enhancement and/or disease prevention.

This Statistic comes from a recent survey aimed at finding out why people engage the services of a chiropractor.  Researchers set out to explore the extent to which consumers seek wellness care from chiropractors, especially when their practice methods are known to include periodic evaluations and interventions to maintain wellness and prevent disease.

Survey data on Chiropractic usage was collected from 1,316 clients in 27 different offices and clinics in the United States, Europe and Australia.  Each person completed a survey regarding their reason for seeking care.  “Optimizing health” and “preventing disease” were indicated by over 40% of the people surveyed as their reason for being in the chiropractor’s workplace.  One reason for this large percentage has to do with better client education and awareness of Chiropractic methods.  An office that addresses the entire body at each visit is more likely to achieve these whole body results.