Years ago normal deliveries of breached births were common.  Doctors and midwives were just patient and eventually the baby was delivered.  However, there were slight added risks so these days babies that present in breached position are too often delivered by cesarean section.

A recent case was reported of a woman at 36 weeks, nearly full term, whose baby was in breached position.  Her doctor recommended they plan for a cesarean section but the woman had hoped for a natural delivery.

She sought the services of a chiropractor who performed a specific adjustment on her called Webster-In-Utero Constraint technique.  After 5 adjustments with trigger point work to release abdominal muscle tension, the baby turned around to the normal head first position.  The intent of the technique was to relax intrauterine constraints, allowing the baby to turn.

Of course, cesarean sections can be lifesaving in certain situations but they should not be considered normal, and carry their own risks and drawbacks.  In this situation the mother was able to avoid the cesarean section and had a normal full-term head-first delivery.