For many years all Americans have been advised to maintain a low salt diet based on government standards.  However, more and more recent studies are showing that following the low salt advice can actually shorten your life.

The key here is that the previous studies that associated salt intake with high blood pressure and cardiac disease used highly processed table salt.  In the processing the natural iodine from sea salt is stripped away and dangerous heavy metals are often used and left in the refined salt.  Other additives like dextrose, sodium silico-aluminate and sodium acetate are linked to renal disease and mineral mal-absorption.

Using an unprocessed Celtic grey sea salt you get all the benefits of salt, including the natural iodine, without the harmful effects.  Some of the benefits are: promoting pH balance of cell, specifically brain cells and balancing blood sugar levels.  Salt is required for intestinal absorption and clears the lungs of mucus plugs.  Salt is a natural antihistamine, can aid in the prevention of muscle cramps and is needed in order to make the structure of the bones firm.

Some of the ill effects of a low salt diet are:

·          increased mortality and end-stage renal disease in type 1 diabetes

·         Increased mortality and cardiovascular mortality in type 2 diabetes

·         No cardiovascular benefit and increased likelihood of premature death

In summary, it is time to end the war on salt, choose unprocessed Celtic grey sea salt, and salt to taste.