Sometimes there are amazing outcomes when people have regular chiropractic care.  One of my patients wrote to me about how pleased she was that I was able to help her 11 year old son. The mother heard that there were some documented cases where chiropractic helped resolve a bedwetting problem

Upon performing a history and examination with the mother and child, it was discovered that the child had suffered a fall from a bicycle at age 4.  This correlated with the bedwetting onset.  Also, spinal restrictions were found in the area of the spine where the nerves that control the bladder are.

After only four treatments to relieve the nervous system pressure in the spine, it was reported that the bedwetting was under control.

After having to deal with this embarrassing problem for seven years, the child had much more self esteem and was able to participate in his first sleepover without the anxiety of having an accident.

Since falls and minor traumas are common, children can benefit from regular chiropractic care to ensure that their spine is free of restrictions that may result in nervous system interference causing many various symptoms and health problems.