Now there is some actual proof that measurable changes to the body’s nervous system  occur as a result of a Chiropractic adjustment.  By stimulating the nervous system, we can improve the function of the while body.  This is something that chiropractors and their patients have known for years and now we have some scientific evidence to prove it. 

A research study involved 12 subjects who were documented as having reoccurring neck pain.  All of the adjustments involved manipulations of dysfunctional cervical joints.  Using a series of EEG evaluations, researchers were able to show that signals are carried by the nervous system to the brain and change the way muscles are controlled. 

This is the first time that anyone has used EEGs to prove that there are definite changes  to the way the brain processes information after Chiropractic care.  The process is like rebooting a computer.  The signals that the adjustments send to the brain via the nervous system reset muscle behavior patterns. 

People who have enjoyed Chiropractic adjustments can relate to these findings.  Is it any wonder that  people frequently  notice immediate changes in the way they feel or the way a particular part of their body is functioning after an adjustment – and in many cases, notice it immediately?  If the body systems do indeed reboot along the lines of a computer, changes can happen quickly with marvelous results.