Your body is made up of billions of cells.  These cells are organized as all kinds of different tissues and further organized as organs.  A group of organs that works together is called a system (such as the digestive system).  When all your systems work in a harmonious, coordinated fashion they create a healthy living you.

The center of all this is a delicate balance between your brain and nervous system.  Your brain communicates with the rest of your body through your spinal cord.  Information travels from your brain through your spinal cord to billions of nerve fibers to reach all the cells in your body.  If there are any blocks in this flow, the information gets disrupted or sometimes never gets through, impeding proper function.  A block in the spinal cord is called a subluxation.

Vertebral subluxations are common and can be caused by physical, chemical or emotional stresses that the body is often exposed to.  Many times vertebral subluxations are painless so most people do not even know they have them.  Getting regular check-ups from your Chiropractor can correct and help to prevent vertebral subluxations allowing all of your systems to function properly and help you feel your best.